Reflections, Part V

Alrighty, well I just lost my entire Reflections Post by trying to add a photo and deleting everything, so here we go again!


I didn’t realize I had a Reflections post due until I just checked my notifications. I’m sniffly. I’m having coughing fits that look eerily close to seizures and everyone in this Budapest cafe is staring at me. There are cold sweats down my back. I’ve been going to bed at eight or nine in the morning every night (day?) for the past week. I don’t feel ready to do this, but let’s get it done! I definitely shouldn’t be out in public right now either. Time for the Reflections Series!


I just finished my sixth week of travelling and I have another seven weeks to go. I can’t believe it’s been six weeks already – the halfway point. I also can’t believe I still have another seven weeks to go. I can’t believe I’ve already done so much and met so many people and been to so many places (in order, Lisbon – Lagos – Sevilla – Madrid – Lyon – Vienna – Budapest). I can’t believe I just booked a hostel in Minsk, but hey, I wanted to see all of Europe. My next few stops from Budapest are Bratislava – Krakow – Riga – Vilnius – Minsk. After Minsk I’ll still have another three weeks to go.


I’ve been at Sziget Festival all week, and although I won’t talk about it much here since my next post is dedicated to it, it was an absolute dream. I saw so many amazing artists, both established and small, and so many I had never heard of before. I’m really looking forward to taking some time to listen to all the new artists I’ve found and will definitely be sharing all my new musical discoveries soon! I met so many wonderful people. I stayed up far too late each night. I lived off massive pizza slices. I watched a few babies being conceived. I did not have a mental breakdown from feeling disgusting after camping so long (luckily!) And I absolutely loved each moment of my time on the Island of Freedom. For anyone contemplating a festival to go to, go to Sziget!

At Sziget Festival

In Madrid I met a wonderful girl from Portland, Oregon and we met up later in my trip in Vienna. On my last night at the festival she said she randomly ended up in Budapest after deciding she didn’t want to wait three hours for a train to Prague. Seeing her was like seeing an old friend – even though we only met last month we just clicked and it was wonderful to see her in Budapest. We have plans to meet up later in the spring in New York City and I already can’t wait.


I’ll be seeing my best friend from home in Krakow in about a week and a half. Since I’ll be moving out of Vancouver once I get back to Canada this is one of the last time I’ll get to see her for at least a few months. I told her about my wanting new tattoos and she said she’s been thinking about getting some new ink too lately and we agreed that since our trips in Europe have been so big for us we both want to commemorate them and our friendship, so, we’ve decided to get a pinky promise tattoo where each of us has one of the hands tattooed. I can’t wait for all the new ink I’ll be leaving Europe with.


Reading this over I haven’t done a ton of reflecting, umm, I guess the thing I learned most in the past week is that you can make friends anywhere. There were a couple moments During the first two days I felt really lonely, but in the end I ended up meeting a great group of people and will be visiting two of them when I get to Berlin. By the end of it we were referring to ourselves as our Sziget Family – adorable right? Yeah, I think that’s the lesson I’m going to go with for the past week. Or that you should do things that you want to do even if they scare you (yeah I know, cliche – also can we admire my jumbled up words for a second? Just gorgeous). I’m so exhausted that I’m just going to go with this and go grab a latte, some cough syrup, and curl up with a book until I have the longest sleep of my trip. But first I need to get back to the hostel before I fall asleep at this cafe and wake up to some Hungarian barista shaking me awake. I don’t need that kind of aggression in my life right now.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Losing my voice and my mind at 360 Bar in Budapest